The majority of these examples draw inspiration from the example galleries of Vega-Lite and Altair, and have been adapted for Deneb.jl.

Single view plots

Simple charts

Simple Area Chart

Simple Bar Chart

Simple Heatmap

Simple Histogram

Simple Line Chart

Simple Scatter Plot

Simple Step Chart

Simple Strip Plot

Line charts

Connected Scatter Plot

Line Chart with Log Scale

Line Chart with Monotone Interpolation

Line Chart with point markers

Line Chart with Varying Size

Line Chart with Varying stroke

Parallel Coordinates

Bar charts

Aggregate Bar Chart

Bar Chart with Round Edges

Grouped Bar Chart

Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart

Isotype Visualization with Emoji

Layered Bar Chart

Normalized Bar Chart

Sorted Bar Chart

Sorted Bar Chart

Stacked Bar Chart


2D Histogram Heatmap

2D Histogram Scatterplot

Histogram with Fine Binning

Histogram with non Uniform Binning

Scatter plots

Binned Scatterplot

Bubble Plot

Bubble Plot (Natural Disasters)

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Scatterplot with Colors and Shapes

Scatterplot with Colors and Sizes

Scatterplot with External Links

Scatterplot with Nulls in Gray

Table Bubble Plot (Github Punch Card)

Wind Vector Map

Area charts

Cumulative Frequency Distribution

Layered Area Chart

Normalized Area Chart

Simple Stacked Area Chart

Stacked Density Estimates


Circular plots

Donut Chart

Pie Chart

radial plot


Choropleth Map

Locations of US Airports

London Tube Lines

World Map

World Projections

Composite marks

Box Plot (1.5 IQR)

Line with Confidence Interval Band

Error Bars with Standard Deviation

Multi view plots


Comet Chart

Facet Area (rows)

Facet View (rows and columns)

Facet View

Facet View (wrapped)

Facet Area (rows)

Violin PLot


Repeated Wrapped Histogram

Line Chart with Repeated Layers

Repeated Line Charts

Repeated Scatterplot Matrix


World Projections

Marginal Histogram

Strip Plot with Jitter

Population Pyramid

Vertical Concatenation

Layered plots

Bar Chart with Labels

Bar Chart with Line at Mean

Histogram with Global Mean Overlay

Layered Plot with Dual Axis

Pie Chart with Labels

Scatter Plot with LOESS lines

Scatter Plot with Polynomial Fit

Scatter Plot with Rolling Mean

Waterfall Chart of Monthly Profit and Loss


Connections among U.S. Airports

Bar Chart with Highlighting on Hover and Selection on Click


Encoding Channels Binding

Interactive Average

Interactive Rectangular Brush

Interactive Dashboard with Cross Highlight

Interactive Index Chart

Interactive Layered Crossfilter

Interactive Legend

Interactive Pan and Zoom

Interval Selection

Interval Selection with Dynamic Binning

Multiline interactive highlight

Multiline with interactive labels

Seattle Weather Exploration